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what our clients say


Cultural Playgroup


"How much it has grown since the beginning is amazing! I am so glad I have met such amazing people! Our second home, the girls don't like the holidays much, they are still going on about seeing all their friends at group again. Thank you so much Sarah."


Respectful Yarns

Jennylee Taylor

"I attended Sarah's first Respectful Yarns Workshop and absolutely loved it! Sarah set up a safe space for everyone to ask those questions that I have been wanting to ask and didn't know how. I learned so much about culture which has given me insights and understanding on how to connect and communicate with people. I loved learning through sharing and practical exercises. Sarah is an entertaining, genuine and informative facilitator and I am looking forward to doing more of her workshops."

Wayapa Logo.jpg

Wayapa Workshop


Thankyou Sarah for an Amazing workshop. I felt connected & in Mother Earths embrace from the minute I walked into the workshop. I loved the Information & your way of sharing it with us. Thankyou

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