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Training and Consultancy
in-house designed and developed training workshops specialising in cultural communication training 

Cultural  Competency Training

Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective designs, develops and delivers a range of cultural competency training workshops which facilitate an interactive environment for attendees to engage with Indigenous facilitators in a safe environment which encourages "both-ways learning". Workshop attendees develop practical cross communication skills that foster reconciliation and respect Indigenous Australian empowerment and self-determination in the workplace but also in broader community and social settings. Workshops can be delivered across a range of industries including health, education, local government and community organisations. 

Our owner, Sarah Corrigan, is a nationally qualified trainer and assessor and designs all Rainbow Crow Cultural Collectives training workshops to meet best practice and industry standards for adult education and training.  Our workshops are interactive and include opportunities for meaningful learning through practical activities.  Workshops can be delivered face to face or via zoom. 

All workshops can be customised to meet clients needs or delivered as written. Click on the links below to view a detailed flyer of each workshop available. Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective offers a free 15 minute consultation to discuss training needs with clients. 

Training and Consultancy
Experienced specialist cultural consultancy to support all organisations to develop culturally competent practices and polices for engaging Aboriginal communities. 

Cultural  Consultancy

Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective draws on Sarah's extensive personal and professional experience in Aboriginal community engagement, consultation and development to provide personalised cultural consultancy services with experience across a range of industries including health, education, not-for-profit and community organisations. 

Our cultural consultancy services can support organisations, large or small, to improve their overall cultural competency at an organisational level through Reconciliation Action Policy consultation through to supporting organisations to develop culturally competent and respectful Aboriginal community engagement for a specific event or purpose. 

Each clients consultancy needs are individual as is each Indigenous Community client's work with. To ensure we respect clients and communities Rainbow Crow Cultural Consultancy offers a free 15 minute consultation to discuss our services. Prior to commencing each consultancy service Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective provides our clients with a project brief outlining consultancy strategy, hours, costs, timeline and deliverables.

Current Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective consultancy clients include  Rollingball, Cessnock City Council Consultancy projects including PLUM and HATS Indigenous Hearing Health initiative launch. Sarah presented at the National CAPEA conference on culturally safe birth and parenting classes she co-designed whilst working for NSW Health.


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