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Health and Wellbeing
We provide Aboriginal mental health and social emotional wellbeing services via Medicare, private referrals and NDIS.

Aboriginal Health Practitioner and NDIS Services

Aboriginal Health Practitioners can provide a range of mental health, social emotional wellbeing and psycho-social supports. Services include mental health care plan and recovery support, social-emotional counselling, cultural mentorship and supervision.  Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective can provide NDIS supports including psychosocial recovery, access to community participation, capacity building support and innovative community participation programs. 

Payment options include bulk-billing with relevant health care plan and GP referral, NDIS for plan and self-managed participants with private fees being charged on a sliding fee scale based on client income. Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective STRONGLY believes that COST should not be a barrier to accessing culturally safe mental health care. 

Appointments are available via zoom, telehealth or face to face clinic visits and after initial intake appointment home visits for NDIS clients. All face to face appointments adhere to a strict COVID-19 safety plan. Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective is a  registered COVID Safe Business. 

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