Aboriginal Health Practitioner

Social Emotional Wellbeing 

Sarah is a registered Aboriginal Health Practitioner with AHPRA and Medicare and can provide a range of social emotional wellbeing and psychosocial supports as an independent Aboriginal Health Practitioner. 

Some services can be bulk-billed via Medicare with an appropriate health care plan and referral from your GP. Other services can be funded through self-managed and partially self-managed NDIS plans. 

Sarah can provide one on one social-emotional services including counselling, recovery and wellbeing care plans and provide culturally safe and responsive social-emotional healthcare. Aboriginal Health Practitioners provide clinical care within an Aboriginal healing framework

Wayapa Wuurrk 

Workshops and Classes

Cultural Consultancy and Training

Sarah is a skilful trainer and facilitator who has over 15yrs experience teaching cultural safety and awareness ensuring a safe environment for attendees that encourages “both-ways learning”, a respectful space where Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people come together to learn and shared purpose of reconciliation through empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self determination in their health, social and educational journeys.

In addition to her professional and personal experience in cultural communication Sarah has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing allowing her to ensure that all workshops and training is developed using best practice and industry standards of adult education. Sarah is also able to contextualise all cultural workshops and training to meet individual client's needs. 


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we have a range of wellbeing and training services available

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Wayapa® is an earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being.

Wayapa® is a natural modality for Rainbow Crow Cultural Collective as it focuses on healing through connection to Earth which resonates with an Aboriginal holistic framework of Caring for Country to promote health.

We have a deep ancestral connection to caring for our earth to ensure it cares for us. 

The narrative mindfulness and Indigenous inspired movements allow for a healing space through yarning, sharing and connection to occur.

Wayapa® is about creating a different lifestyle but for those just starting, it can be done as a 25 minute physical practice, sitting or standing, or as a narrative meditation to slow us right down to sit in the stillness of nature.